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São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Douglas Drumond

I'm a team lead and developer at 99, currently doubling as a back-end developer, but I'm mostly an Android developer. I worked at Eldorado Research Institute both as an Android app developer and on low-level stuff (Android platform, modem, C, C++, NDK and things like that). I honed my skills at Movile and Mokriya. I graduated in Computer Science, but I have a secret love for Applied Mathematics (I'm 85% major in Applied Math) and how to use both to solve problems. I had a small gap when I opened a startup in Business Intelligence, before coming back to Android.

I'm the founder of Google Developer Group Campinas, and I was the maintainer of MacVim.

I put my thoughts on Café Linear.

I'm also a photographer by passion, follow me on Instagram.