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ADO(ActiveX Data Objects).Net is a tool provided by Microsoft which provides access to data sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, and XML through its components. .Net front-end applications can retrieve, create, and manipulate data, once they are connected to a data source through ADO.Net with appropriate privileges.

ADO.Net provides a connection-less architecture. It is a secure approach to interact with a database, since, the connection doesn't have to be maintained during the entire session.

ConfigSlurper allows you to use another groovy script as a config file for your script instead of using, for example, a .properties file. You can do interesting configurations with typed properties and you don't need to convert from string. You can use lists, maps or a value based on some calculation or closure.

This example shows how to change dynamically the Caption/Label of Customer Name field on Customer ScreenID AR303000 on Acumatica ERP, depending on current Customer ID selected on the same form. We could:

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