akka Getting started with akka Installation or Setup


  1. Install JDK 8 (Windows, Linux) and set the path (Windows).
  2. Install Scala (Linux), For Windows visit http://www.scala-lang.org/download/ download and install binary distribution, set the environment variable for scala in PATH which is in \scala\bin.
  3. Installing Typesafe activator (It contains Scala, Akka, Play, SBT) + project scaffolding and templates. For quick start download the mini-package.
  4. Extract the Typesafe activator and set the PATH to activator-x.x.xx-minimal\bin (It includes the bash and bat scripts to run the activator).
  5. Time to create a sample project and import into your favorite IDE.

  • Type activator new in cmd/terminal.

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  1. Download akka-2.0.zip distribution of Akka from http://akka.io/downloads/

  2. Unzip akka-2.0.zip in any directory. (Example - /home/USERNAME/tools/akka-2.0) You would like to have Akka installed.

  3. Set the AKKA_HOME

  4. For Linux.

    # First got to the installed location
    cd /home/USERNAME/tools/akka-2.0
    # Export the location as AKKA_HOME
    export AKKA_HOME=`pwd`
    # Check if PATH is Exported.    
    echo $AKKA_HOME
  5. For Windows

    # First got to the installed location        
    C:\USERNAME\akka> cd akka-2.0
    # Set the location as AKKA_HOME
    C:\USERNAME\akka\akka-2.0> set AKKA_HOME=%cd%
    # Check if PATH is Exported. 
    C:\USERNAME\akka\akka\akka-2.0> echo %AKKA_HOME%