Bosun Sample Configuration File


Here is an example of a Bosun config file used in a development environment:

tsdbHost = localhost:4242
httpListen = :8070
smtpHost = localhost:25
emailFrom =
timeAndDate = 202,75,179,136
ledisDir = ../ledis_data
checkFrequency = 5m

notification example.notification {
        email =
        print = true

In this case the config file indicates Bosun should connect to a local OpenTSDB instance on port 4242, listen for requests on port 8070 (on all IP addresses bound to the host), use the localhost SMTP system for email, display additional time zones, use built in Ledis instead of external Redis for system state, and default alerts to a 5 minute interval.

The config also defines an example.notification that can be assigned to alerts, which would usually be included at the end of the config file (see sample alert example).