Bosun Docker Quick Start


The quick start guide includes information about using Docker to stand up a Bosun instance.

$ docker run -d -p 4242:4242 -p 80:8070 stackexchange/bosun

This will create a new instance of Bosun which you can access by opening a browser to http://docker-server-ip. The docker image includes HBase/OpenTSDB for storing time series data, the Bosun server, and Scollector for gathering metrics from inside the bosun container. You can then point additional scollector instances at the Bosun server and use Grafana to create dashboards of OpenTSDB or Bosun metrics.

The Stackexchange/Bosun image is designed only for testing. There are no alerts defined in the config file and the data will be deleted when the docker image is removed, but it is very helpful for getting a feel for how bosun works. For details on creating a production instance of Bosun see