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I was working as a Hybris developer (Portaltech Reply - Contract Role) for developing PIM on Hybris Ecommerce suite for Sony PlayStation.

I have been working extensively with Java and couple of years experience with SAP Hybris eCommerce Suite. I have worked with TDD, BDD, Pair programming, jUnit, Mockito, etc.

I like to learn new stuff every now and then. When I find some code interesting or challenging I like to go deep into the code to find out what is it doing and how.

Things that I have worked on :

  • PCI compliance with third party solution provider in existing eCommerce consumer website and an internal application, cscockpit if you know Hyrbis.
  • PIM(Product Information Management) - Hyrbis, providing all the product needs for a multi channel, multi brand eCommerce solution
  • Elastic search - indexing and searching
  • Handling/Managing booking/reservation/shopping requests for multiple hotels across the world for a SaaS based architecture/design primarily using Java and other different tools an technologies XML parsing, JiBX, Coherence and using Messaging Queues for data transfer among other connected applications/third party vendors.