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Born at 1986 11 of March in a capital of Kazakhstan - Alma-ata city. Yes, back to those days it was the capital and was called this way. Now the city name is Almaty. I entered the 27 A-Level school and learnt there 11 years. I with my friend decided to enter Novosibirsk State University together. We went to the preparatory courses together. Then I have heard that there will be an enter exam to the Saint-Petersburg State University sooner then to Novosibirsk and I decided to try and passed... After graduation Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities I went back to Almaty where began my career.

My thoughts:

  • Wishes come true and it absolute. There is one interesting thing in wishes though: your fears is also a wish. So if you afraid that you fail being someone you wish to be then you risk to become the one you afraid to.