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FYI: I no longer answer questions on stack overflow

If you have a WebGL question you can try asking in the comments on one of the appropriate sites listed below or on the site's corresponding github issues.

I was on the Google Chrome GPU team implementing Chrome's GPU subsystem including WebGL and Pepper 3D. I've shipped over 17 commercial games from Atari 800/Apple 2/Commodore 64 days all the way through PS3 and Xbox 360.

Some links to things I've worked on: ThreeJSFundamentals,,, webgl-lint,, github, twgl, WebGLFundamentals, WebGL2Fundamentals, vertexshaderart, happyfuntimes, Servez, unzipit, Virtual-WebGL, react-split-it, dekapng, check-all-the-errors


PS: Any code I've posted on Stack Overflow is public domain / CC0. You do not have to credit me.