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Developer Evangelist for Salesforce. I build things and try to inspire others to build. I'm half developer, half community organizer, half blogger, half event speaker. Before Force.com (recently renamed to Lightning Platform) I worked with Java. These days I'm diving back into the world of Javascript, the Rocky Balboa of languages, I'm excited by ES2015+ standards being implemented in more browsers, dipping my toe in React, and am fascinated with Elixir and Phoenix.

  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 2
  • Force.com Certified Developer (migrated)
  • Force.com Certified Advanced Developer (migrated)
  • Force.com Certified Instructor (lapsed)

I also use my Salesforce 1-1-1 volunteer time to work on customizations at some of our Foundation customers.

Previously at Salesforce, I was a technical instructor with 13 years of enterprise software training experience teaching the Salesforce developer catalog courses:

  • Building Applications with Force.com and Visualforce (DEV401)
  • Apex and Visualforce Controllers (DEV501)
  • Intro to Object Oriented Programming with Apex (ADM213/DEV531)
  • Force.com Integrations - (DEV502)