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Chris Skardon

I'm a developer developing primarily in Microsoft technologies:

  • ASP.NET MVC, (Web API)
  • trusty console apps :)
  • XAML apps,

I've been moving towards the web side of things, so JQuery, LESS etc are becoming increasingly important.

Database wise - whilst I've done a lot of the different types, at the moment most of my time is spent with:

  • RavenDB (Document DB)
  • Neo4j (Graph DB)

And Neo4j is winning in being one of the nicest DB's I've ever worked with. I've dealt with RDBMS databases (SQL Server, MySQL), but I wouldn't class myself as a DBA :)

I'm learning F# and Haskell (slowly), but at the moment I am mostly a C# developer (which I have to say I thoroughly enjoy).

Personally - I waveski (whaaaat? Video here) and run competitions in the UK (via Tournr), I also do the traditional things of reading, eating, breathing, but we all know that... and I've just taken up (after a 20 year hiatus) the Piano.