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Bart Jolling

Cloud Solution Architect

I'm currently working as a cloud architect, often involved in various types of cloud architectures, helping businesses transform the way they work, apply technology and use their data. I've taken inspiration from Domain Driven Design and believe that business domains are key to creating cross-functional teams, putting boundaries around functionalities in services and organizing data.


I started out as a C++ developer, developing and evolving a client-server application that was installed at our clients. When .NET was still on version 1.1, I created my first ASP.NET tool to manage our development lab and from there I took over maintenance of a knowledge base application written in VB.NET and so I got invested in the .NET ecosystem.


I've been involved in maintaining projects, rescuing projects gone wrong and starting large greenfield applications involving multiple teams.

I took on roles that fitted the needs. Sometimes I was Solution Architect. Sometimes I had to take on other roles like Test Manager, Technical Lead, BI Developer, Functional Analyst.

I got inspired by Jeffrey Palermo’s Onion Architecture and got into Domain Driven Design, giving me a strong foundation on which to base my decisions.

Open Source and Blogging

I started small open source projects to experiment with newer technologies and blogged about them, mainly to document my findings. I got my five minutes of fame, exploring Microsoft’s upshot.js framework with knockout.js for making Single Page Applications in this series on

I often seem to experiment with Javascript, especially for making userscripts for the GreaseMonkey and TamperMonkey browser extensions. You can find them back on Github.

People Manager

While growing in experience, I started guiding junior developers, medior consultants. At one point I managed 4 IT teams.

Even as this was a natural career progression and I did enjoy people management, I missed the hands-on experience and having an impact on technological and functional topics.

The Cloud

Although I started out on Microsoft Azure long time ago and recently helped a client build his data sharing platform on it, I’ve also been involved in initiatives of clients adopting Amazon Webservices (AWS), migrating to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or building a hybrid solution with a Kubernetes in the cloud and Openshift on-premise.

Today I am building roadmaps and executing cloud adoption projects to help clients adapt their organization, their development and operational processes, their technology choices … to find the real benefit that a cloud solution can offer.