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Konstantin Gredeskoul

Software Development

As an avid ruby aficionado since 2006, I love mentoring junior-, or intermediate-level developers, especially where I can help bring the entire team up a level, via sharing real world experience in architecture, and software development.

I am often the most senior contributor on a startup team, as I love coding, have always remained an active coder, and have seen enough systems to be able to get up to speed quickly. My extensive software engineering background, from C/C++, Java, Perl, and Ruby give me the breadth of knowledge a lot of Ruby and Rails developers lack today. That said, when I find engineers that want to be "pulled up" in their skillset, I am always happy to pair with them in addition to adding velocity to the project.

Infrastructure, DevOps, High Availability and Resilience

In this role I love looking at the system holistically, improving its uptime, performance, resilience, security, scalability and automation, or whatever is the current fire is. I filled the role of systems architect and DevOps engineer, designing the production layout of our application components across 300+ cloud nodes, managing and optimizing resources, working with our cloud vendor on both technical issues and contract negotiation.

As my largest and most recent achievement, I built Wanelo's social infrastructure using Chef from the very beginning, and the way it started, it remains until today. Complete automation allowed Wanelo to avoid hiring a dedicated Ops and QA teams.

Management and CTO

When the company needs someone to step into the engineering organization, work in the trenches, increase efficiency, team happiness, establish better practices, resolve conflicts, provide feedback, suggest how the team can improve, and so on — I can help, and I've done this again and again. Or maybe you need someone to represent engineering, report on engineering progress to the current management, founders or the Board. These are the exact types of challenges that I am quite familiar with and very comfortable solving. I have a special talent for spotting promising junior developers.

One of my junior hires wrote after we worked together for several years:

Konstantin was able to recognize what I have to contribute when I did not quite have the confidence to do so myself...

Another much more senior engineer, wrote the following:

I have worked with Konstantin and can say he is bar-none the most technically minded CTO and leader I have ever worked with. He has an amazing depth in system tuning, scaling architectures, Ruby programming, and database tuning.

His biggest contribution though was building a super well-oiled engineering team that is the dictionary definition of efficient, lean and driving a fully automated deployment infrastructure and enforcing best practices such as TDD in a pairing environment.