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London, UK


Real Name: Deepu Mohan Puthrote

Kind, and open source friendly.

Full stack Polyglot Software Engineer.

I like data projects, Spark, machine learning, DevOps, infrastructure as code as well as React

Java, Scala, Python, Javascript, Ruby, html5, css3.

Play Framework, Spring, Django, Node.js, React, AngularJS, RequireJS, Backbone.js.

Open to C(++), PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Wants to learn Lisp, Clojure, and Haskell just for the heck of it.

An alumnus of Newcastle University upon Tyne, MSc in E-Business and Information Systems.

In my free time I do some niche marketing stuff, contribute to StackOverflow or Wikipedia, or scribble something in https://deepumohan.com/tech/

Pleased to meet you :)