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alert("Hi there!");
MsgBox "My first programming language was VBA. It got quite boring."
print("My second programming language was Python. It taught me a lot about loops, functions, etc.")
$myMessage = "It also taught me about syntax and why it's important.";
# My third programming language that I learned was the Web Languages: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
// I'll get to the PHP part in a bit

<div id="I" class="tried">to set up localhost XAMPP, but at that time I was stuck and I didn't</div>
<span id="know">what to do, so I instead learned HTML (as well as JavaScript and CSS) via files.
for (var i="did"; i != "know"; i+="how") {
    alert("to connect JavaScript (I tried, but I somehow gave up after failing), so I");
var d="to use HTML for a week. Then, I tried again and finally connected my first JavaScript file";
with ("Hello world") {
    /*I did not use the with statement correctly*/
.then {
    /*I learned about CSS when I got tired of the <a>'s underline. I searched it up and figured
    out that it required CSS. Thus learned.*/
echo "I learned PHP as well and SQL, but I'm not getting into that."
I am learning about Shell Script and Java and I seem well out of order in what to learn.
read -n 1 -s -p "Press any key to continue..."