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Ypres, Belgium

Willem Van Onsem

An answer a day, keeps dementia away.

Also known as @CommuSoft and @KommuSoft

Not much to say... uninteresting object that grew up in what is known as Flander's Texas (West-Vlaanderen). Developer by day, programmer by night.

Because of a group of engineers at my university, I cannot call myself a scientist, but have to call myself a civil engineer, but I still hope that one day, they change their minds.

A bit a jack of all trades but master in None: programming in , , , , , , , , , , and a few others.

Programming contests (with several teams):

Author of courses on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Electronics and Processors.


Answering questions is difficult, asking good questions is difficult as well. Please try to provide a minimal compiling example, reread your question and ensure yourself that someone with no a priori knowledge of your situation can understand your problem. Later accept the answer that helped you the most, upvotes can be a guide.

Message to downvoters: please first provide comment and start a discussion. If the person in question does not solve the problem, then downvote. I'm doing the same by the way.

There is this PayPal account if you want to say "thnx" in a different way.

You can hire me for a code mentoring session.