Elm Language Getting started with Elm Language Installation


To start development with Elm, you need to install a set of tools called elm-platform.

It includes: elm-make, elm-reactor, elm-repl and elm-package.

All of these tools are available through CLI, in other words you can use them from your terminal.

Pick one of the following methods to install Elm:

Using the installer

Download the installer from the official website and follow the installation wizard.

Using npm

You can use Node Package Manager to install Elm platform.

Global installation:

$ npm install elm -g

Local installation:

$ npm install elm

Locally installed Elm platform tools are accessible via:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/elm-repl  # launch elm-repl from local node_modules/

Using homebrew

$ brew install elm

Switch between versions with elm-use

Install elm-use

$ npm install -g elm-use

Switch to an older or newer elm version

$ elm-use 0.18  // or whatever version you want to use

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