Tutorial by Examples

string sqrt = "\u221A"; // √ string emoji = "\U0001F601"; // 😁 string text = "\u0022Hello World\u0022"; // "Hello World" string variableWidth = "\x22Hello World\x22"; // "Hello World"
Apostrophes char apostrophe = '\''; Backslash char oneBackslash = '\\';
Backslash // The filename will be c:\myfile.txt in both cases string filename = "c:\\myfile.txt"; string filename = @"c:\myfile.txt"; The second example uses a verbatim string literal, which doesn't treat the backslash as an escape character. Quotes string text = "\&...
The following examples will not compile: string s = "\c"; char c = '\c'; Instead, they will produce the error Unrecognized escape sequence at compile time.
Escape sequences are not restricted to string and char literals. Suppose you need to override a third-party method: protected abstract IEnumerable<Texte> ObtenirŒuvres(); and suppose the character Œ is not available in the character encoding you use for your C# source files. You are lucky...

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