google-cloud-messaging Getting started with google-cloud-messaging Send downstream messages from the cloud


Send a message using GCM HTTP connection server protocol:
    "to": "/topics/foo-bar",
    "data": {
      "message": "This is a GCM Topic Message!",

To do this in Postman, you simply have to set the following (some details are as what is mentioned above):

  1. Set request type to POST
  2. In the Headers, set the following:
    • Content-Type = application/json
    • Authorization = < Your GCM Server Key >
  3. Set the payload parameters in the Body (in this example, we used the raw option, see screenshot (2))
  4. Send the request to


(1) enter image description here

(2) enter image description here

Notice that the request was a success with the message_id in the response.

PS: I'm keeping the sample Server Key visible so that others can still try it out even if they haven't created a Project yet. BUT, note that the Server Key must be always kept secret.