gwt Getting started with gwt Create your first web application


GWT ships with a command line utility called webAppCreator that automatically generates all the files you’ll need in order to start a GWT project. It also generates Eclipse project files and launch config files for easy debugging in GWT’s development mode.

You can create a new demo application in a new MyWebApp directory by running webAppCreator:


cd gwt-2.7.0
webAppCreator -out MyWebApp com.mycompany.mywebapp.MyWebApp

Mac or Linux

cd gwt-2.7.0

chmod u+x webAppCreator

./webAppCreator -maven -out MyWebApp com.mycompany.mywebapp.MyWebApp

The webAppCreator script will generate a number of files in MyWebApp/, including some basic “Hello, world” functionality in the class MyWebApp/src/com/mycompany/mywebapp/client/