mercurial Installation and Setup


You can download Mercurial from the project's website, and there are graphical utilities for Windows, Linux and OSX if you'd prefer that to a command line interface. Most Unix package managers include Mercurial, for example on Debian/Ubuntu:

$ apt-get install mercurial

You can verify Mercurial is installed by running:

$ hg --version


Mercurial works out of the box, but you'll likely want to configure Mercurial to know who you are before you go further. To associate a username with your commits edit ~/.hgrc (or mercurial.ini in your home directory on Windows) and add the following lines:

username = Your Name <your@email.address>

If you don't want to do this you can always specify a username when you commit with the -u flag, e.g.:

$ hg commit -u "Your Name <your@email.address>"