neo4j Getting started with neo4j Installation or Setup


Go to Install Neo4j which should detect the OS platform via your web browser, download and follow the usual installation instructions for your OS.

Neo4j was created with Java, therefore will run on any platform with Java installed, however the Neo4j team has simplified installation by providing easy installation packages for popular platform (e.g. a .dmg for Mac, a .deb for Debian and Ubuntu, an .exe for Windows 64 and 32 bit platforms...).

To review other versions and platforms available, see Other Neo4j Releases Page

Setup Neo4j as a Docker container :

## Required : Docker machine, docker cli

# Pull neo4j image from the docker hub
docker pull neo4j

# create the docker container
docker run \
    --publish=7474:7474 --publish=7687:7687 \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/data:/data \

# If you are running docker directly on the host (e.g ubuntu, RHEL, CentOs etc)
#     Access the neo4j console at http://localhost:7474
# If you are on OSX/ Windows
#     Access the neo4j console at http://<docker-machine-ip>:7474