nltk Getting started with nltk NLTK installation with Conda.


To install NLTK with Continuum's anaconda / conda.

If you are using Anaconda, most probably nltk would be already downloaded in the root (though you may still need to download various packages manually).

Using conda:

conda install nltk 

To upgrade nltk using conda:

conda update nltk

With anaconda:

If you are using multiple python envriroments in anaconda, first activate the enviroment where you want to install nltk. You can check the active enviroment using the command

conda info --envs

The enviroment with the * sign before the directory path is the active one. To change the active enviroment use

activate <python_version>
for eg. activate python3.5

Now check the list of packages installed in this enviroment using commnad

conda list

If you dont find 'nltk' in the list, use

conda install -c anaconda nltk=3.2.1

For further information, you may consult

To install mini-conda a.k.a. conda:

To install anaconda: