Roadmap 2018

Translate language

We plan to translate this website in 5 to 10 languages.

Layout & Display

Constantly improving the UI, the navigation, adding a dark theme to make it more user-friendly.


Are the website and eBook legit?

Yes, they are!

All the content can be found here: and has been released with the license Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

The content might have been modified from the original content (URL fixe, translation, etc.)

We did our best to give all possible attribution but If we missed one, just let us know, and we will fix this issue ASAP:

Why have you made this website?

Most people think the Stack Overflow documentation attempt has been a big fail and we agree with them! So why did we make a website?

Even if it has been a fail, there are over 30k pages of content that we believe is worth to be found or shared on the web.





We highly believe that bringing this dead documentation alive is a great value for a lot of community. Thousands of people find their answer on this website every day.

Why linking this website instead of Web Archive?

Why not!

This website has a better layout, eBooks, multiple languages and more coming.

Why did you translate the website in multiple languages?

We did it because not everyone speaks English!

When someone that speaks French or Spanish search for something in his mother language, they often don’t find as many resources as we find in English.

Nowadays, Google Translate does an awesome job to translate content from a language to another. Of course, it's not perfect, but we believe that's close enough to do it.

Why do you plan to make the content editable?

We hope to make the content editable in 2019. But first, we need to complete some prerequisite such as making sure that we can create online examples in most languages. In this era, we highly believe it's time to stop finding examples that doesn’t work and instead find live editable examples.

Privacy Policy

You can find it here: Privacy Policy