ruby-on-rails-5 Getting started with ruby-on-rails-5 Installation or Setup


In windows Platform

Step 1: Installation of Ruby

If you already have installed ruby in your pc then you can skip this step.

  • Go to's download page and download one of the stable version of ruby corresponding to architecture of your windows platform.
  • Again download development kit for your ruby version form here.
  • Now install ruby.
  • This is the time to enhance your ruby installation with ruby development kit. This is required by some of the gems to compile in your pc.
  • Extract your ruby develpment kit file in a folder near your ruby installation path C:\Ruby-**. For example C:\rubyDevkit.
  • Now open cmd.exe and move to the directory where you extracted your devkit.
  • Then run this command ruby dk.rb init. This will initialize your installation. Then run ruby dk.rb install.

Step 2: Install Rails

  • fter successful installation of ruby. Next step is to install rails. Before installing rails install bundler gem running gem install bundler from your command prompt window.

  • After installing bundler now run gem install rails -v version_of_rails for example -v

  • If all process are completed without error then you installed rails successfully.