scikit-learn Getting started with scikit-learn Installation of scikit-learn


The current stable version of scikit-learn requires:

  • Python (>= 2.6 or >= 3.3),
  • NumPy (>= 1.6.1),
  • SciPy (>= 0.9).

For most installation pip python package manager can install python and all of its dependencies:

pip install scikit-learn

However for linux systems it is recommended to use conda package manager to avoid possible build processes

conda install scikit-learn

To check that you have scikit-learn, execute in shell:

python -c 'import sklearn; print(sklearn.__version__)'

Windows and Mac OSX Installation:

Canopy and Anaconda both ship a recent version of scikit-learn, in addition to a large set of scientific python library for Windows, Mac OSX (also relevant for Linux).