sympy Getting started with sympy Installing SymPy


The easiest and recommended way to install SymPy is to install Anaconda.

If you already have Anaconda or Miniconda installed, you can install the latest version with conda:

conda install sympy

Another way of installing SymPy is using pip:

pip install sympy

Note that this might require root privileges, so one might acually need

sudo pip install sympy

Most linux distributions also offer SymPy in their package repositories. For Fedora one would install SymPy with

sudo dnf install python-sympy
sudo dnf install python3-sympy

The first one installs the python 2 version of the package, the latter python 3.

On OpenSuse the respective commands are:

sudo zypper install python-sympy
sudo zypper install python3-sympy

The packages for OpenSuse 42.2 seem rather outdated, so one of the first methods should be prefered.