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Visual Basic 14 is the version of Visual Basic that was shipped as part of Visual Studio 2015.

This version was rewritten from scratch in about 1.3 million lines of VB. Many features were added to remove common irritations and to make common coding patterns cleaner.

The version number of Visual Basic went straight from 12 to 14, skipping 13. This was done to keep VB in line with the version numbering of Visual Studio itself.

It's useful to have a T-SQL script for creating and configuring a new database and user for Alfresco Installation purposes. It's boring and time-consuming to jump around many pages on MSDN.

I provide the script hereafter:

This topic would cover how angular-cli project is ready for production build, what all necessary steps taken before deploying, how to create war file for project deployment and finally how to configure the apache tomcat for angular-cli project deployment.

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