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Rust has no own framework for GUI development. Yet there are many bindings to existing frameworks. The most advanced library binding is rust-gtk. A 'semi' full list of bindings can be found here

When creating a performant and data-driven application, it can be very helpful to complete time-intensive tasks in an asynchronous manner and to have multiple tasks running concurrently. This topic will introduce the concept of using ThreadPoolExecutors to complete multiple ansynchronous tasks concurrently.

If you use the objects in other applications as part of your Visual Basic application, you may want to establish a reference to the object libraries of those applications. This Documentation provides a list, sources and examples of how to use libraries of different softwares, like Windows Shell, Internet Explorer, XML HttpRequest, and others.

Dagger 2, as explained on GitHub, is a compile-time evolution approach to dependency injection. Taking the approach started in Dagger 1.x to its ultimate conclusion, Dagger 2.x eliminates all reflection, and improves code clarity by removing the traditional ObjectGraph/Injector in favor of user-specified @Component interfaces.

Zxing library is well known for image processing. Zxing was based on java and .Net module is also available and it can be used in xamarin applications. click here to check official documentation. http://zxingnet.codeplex.com/

I recently used this libarry.

Step1: Add ZXing.Net.Mobile component into solution.

step2: In whichever activity we need to show barcode scanner, in that activity initialise MobileBarcodeScanner.

Step3: Write below code when tapped on any view to start scanning.

Pax Exam allows testing of bundles within an OSGi container (e.g. AEM, Apache Karaf). Pax Exam is usually used in conjunction with JUnit.

The basic idea behind dynamic programming is breaking a complex problem down to several small and simple problems that are repeated. If you can identify a simple subproblem that is repeatedly calculated, odds are there is a dynamic programming approach to the problem.

As this topic is titled Applications of Dynamic Programming, it will focus more on applications rather than the process of creating dynamic programming algorithms.

Oracle Real Application Security was introduced in Oracle 12c. It summarize many Security Topics like User-Role-Model, Access Control, Application vs. Database, End-User-Security or Row- and Column Level Security

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