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FooModel.objects.filter(field_name__key_name='value to query')
'Single quoted string' "Double quoted string" '''Multiline string''' """Triple double quoted string""" /Slashy string/ $/Dollar slash string/$ Groovy has two string types the java java.lang.String and groovy.lang.GString, as well as multiple form...
Strings are a Reference type and are central to most programming tasks. Strings are assigned text, even if the text happens to be numeric. Strings can be zero-length, or any length up to 2GB. Modern versions of VBA store Strings internally using a Byte array of Multi-Byte Character Set bytes (an ...
Strings can be concatenated, or joined together, using one or more concatenation operator &. String arrays can also be concatenated using the Join function and providing a string (which can be zero-length) to be used between each array element.
There are times you need to assign a string variable with a specific character repeated a specific number of times. VBA provides two main functions for this purpose: String/String$ Space/Space$.
sub and gsub are used to edit strings using patterns. See Pattern Matching and Replacement for more on related functions and Regular Expressions for how to build a pattern.

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