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Kotlin has a built-in view injection for Android, allowing to skip manual binding or need for frameworks such as ButterKnife. Some of the advantages are a nicer syntax, better static typing and thus being less error-prone.

Using Kotlin with Android Studio is an easy task as Kotlin is developed by JetBrains. It is the same company that stands behind IntelliJ IDEA - a base IDE for Android Studio. That is why there are almost none problems with the compatibility.

Most people coming to Kotlin do have a programming background in Java.

This topic collects examples comparing Java to Kotlin, highlighting the most important differences and those gems Kotlin offers over Java.

I just want to share my little bit knowledge and code of RecyclerView using Kotlin.

This topic covers the basics of Kotlin for beginners.

How to correctly use the named annotation in Kotlin v1.1

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