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Several Java programming language misusage might conduct a program to generate incorrect results despite being compiled correctly. This topic main purpose is to list common pitfalls with their causes, and to propose the correct way to avoid falling in such problems.

Small, simple csv files can be built using just a text editor. Reading and writing them, or otherwise processing their contents is done more efficiently using the products available for one's language or systems of choice.

Java in itself is an extremely powerful language, but its power can further be extended Thanks to JSR223 (Java Specification Request 223) introducing a script engine

When starting with unit-testing all kinds of questions come up:

What is unit-testing? What is a SetUp and TearDown? How do I deal with dependencies? Why do unit-testing at all? How do I make good unit tests?

This article will answer all these questions, so you can start unit-testing in any language you want.

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