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Remote management of multiple docker engine hosts.

As part of the Serverless movement, AWS recently announced C# support for AWS Lambda functions. In this article, I will show you how to develop, install and call a simple C# AWS Lambda Function using Visual Studio 2015.

Before you start this example, first go to the Remarks section of this document and make sure you have all of the required components installed.

Finite States Machine concepts are usually implemented under Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages, for example using Java language, based on the State pattern defined in GOF (refers to the book: "Design Patterns").

R provides several mechanisms to simulate the OO paradigm, let's apply S4 Object System for implementing this pattern.

Apache spark MLib provides (JAVA, R, PYTHON, SCALA) 1.) Various Machine learning algorithms on regression, classification, clustering, collaborative filtering which are mostly used approaches in Machine learning. 2.) It supports feature extraction, transformation etc. 3.) It allows data practitioners to solve their machine learning problems (as well as graph computation, streaming, and real-time interactive query processing) interactively and at much greater scale.

It will focus on Installing Pentaho Kettle - GUI Spoon on Local machine both Windows and Ubuntu machine.

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