wix Getting started with wix Installation or Setup


Download and install the WiX Toolset from wixtoolset.org.

The installer for the WiX Toolset provides also the integration with Visual Studio, after the installation you should be able to create WiX specific projects.


Admin rights are needed.

Some versions of WiX are compatible only with particular version of Visual Studio:

  • V3.11 and afterwards doesn't include the extensions for Visual Studio, you have to download the extensions for your versions of Visual Studio
  • V3.10 and below doesn't works with Visual Studio 2017 but includes the project templates for Visual Studio


The installer is build with WiX itself and present an unusual window: WiX installer window

It is composed by 6 parts:

  • WiX Toolset: show the version installed by the installer and launch the Wix Toolset website on click

  • License: show the license

  • Install: start the install

  • Up To Date: check if a new version is available

  • News: launch the WiX news

  • Exit: close the installer