xpages Installation or Setup


In short: XPages is part of IBM Domino Designer. Extra setup or installation isn't required for XPages.

First XPage / Hello-World-Example

To create your first XPage you have to create a new NSF first. Open the IBM Domino Designer, and open the menu "File" -> "New" -> "Application".

In the popup Dialog make these settings:

  1. Select the server where the NSF will be created (can also be "local").
  2. Then enter a title, for example "Hello World NSF".
  3. Then enter a file name of your new NSF, for example "hello-world.nsf".
  4. Ignore the "Encription ..." button to keep the default settings.
  5. Check the option "full index".
  6. Then click "OK".

The new NSF is created.

Now right-click on section "[XPages]" in the application navigator and select "new XPage ...".

  1. Enter a title of your new XPage, for example "HelloWorld". This will create a file named "HelloWorld.xsp".
  2. The comment field can be left empty for this simple example.
  3. Click "OK", and the page is created.

Double-click at your new HelloWorld XPage, which you can find under the "[XPages]" section.

Select the tab "Source" (which is located at the bottom of the editor), and add a simple textfield component to your page. This should be the result:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp="http://www.ibm.com/xsp/core" pageTitle="Hello My World">

  <xp:text id="simpleTextField" value="Hello World!!!!" />


Save the page and build the project (right-click at your application "Hello World NSF" and select menu entry "build").

Now, open a browser like Internet Explorer, and navigate to the new XPage of your application's NSF. For example "http://mydominoserver.com/hello-world.nsf/HelloWorld.xsp" and you will see your Hello World text.