akka Dispatchers Default Dispatcher


An Akka MessageDispatcher is what makes Akka Actors "tick", it is the engine of the machine so to speak. All MessageDispatcher implementations are also an ExecutionContext, which means that they can be used to execute arbitrary code, for instance Futures.

Every ActorSystem will have a default dispatcher that will be used in case nothing else is configured for an Actor. The default dispatcher can be configured, and is by default a Dispatcher with the specified default-executor. If an ActorSystem is created with an ExecutionContext passed in, this ExecutionContext will be used as the default executor for all dispatchers in this ActorSystem. If no ExecutionContext is given, it will fallback to the executor specified in akka.actor.default-dispatcher.default-executor.fallback. By default this is a fork-join-executor, which gives excellent performance in most cases.