amazon-redshift Reading JSON array in Redshift

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Currently, reading all elements in JSON array is not possible in Redshift. For e.g. if you want to read Manufacturer and model as columns from following JSON


dim_idnumberinfomanufacturermodel 2001Nissan~Sentra^Nissan~Maxima^Ford~Taurus^Ford~Escort^NissanSentra 2002Nissan~Sentra^Nissan~Maxima^Ford~Taurus^Ford~Escort^NissanMaxima 2003Nissan~Sentra^Nissan~Maxima^Ford~Taurus^Ford~Escort^FordTaurus 2004Nissan~Sentra^Nissan~Maxima^Ford~Taurus^Ford~Escort^FordEscort

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