angular-ui-bootstrap Getting started with angular-ui-bootstrap Installation or Setup


The official site of angular-ui-bootstrap is here.

Follow the below instructions in order. The list of files that are to be downloaded is in this link

Include all references in this order.

  1. angular.js
  2. angular-animate.js
  3. ui-bootstrap-tpls-2.2.0.js (Reference to UI Bootstrap )
  4. angular-sanitize.js


  • It is important that all of the above scripts are referenced and done so in the order shown above.

Here are a few CDN LINKS to reference these files


Inject the dependency for ui-bootstrap into your module as

angular.module('myApp', ['ui.bootstrap']);

Your module is setup to work with angular-ui-bootstrap.

Common Errors:

  1. [$injector:modulerr]


  • Ensure that script files are included
  • For CDN references, you must include the // before the link which uses either http or https to include those scripts.
  1. Component will not be displayed or behaviour is not as expected.


  • Ensure that the mandatory settings for the corresponding directives are available in your Controller.