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This section provides an overview of what is, and why a developer might want to use it.

It should also mention any large subjects within, and link out to the related topics. Since the Documentation for is new, you may need to create initial versions of those related topics.

Install MVC5 or Update to Specific Version

To install/update MVC version, follow these steps:

  1. In visual studio, open the Package Manager console (use CTRL + Q, and type package manager console)

  2. In the console appearing, enter the following after the console cursor showing PM> :

    Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc -Version 5.2.3

    Note: specify the version you want. In the above example we used 5.2.3 (the latest version when these instructions were written)

  3. Verify the installation by using the following command in the package manager console:

    Get-Package -ListAvailable -Filter mvc

What's New in ASP.NET MVC 5

  1. Authentication filters Are a new kind of filter added in ASP.NET MVC 5.0 .That run prior to authorization filters in the ASP.NET MVC pipeline and allow you to specify authentication logic per-action, per-controller, or globally for all controllers. Authentication filters process credentials in the request and provide a corresponding principal. Authentication filters can also add authentication challenges in response to unauthorized requests.

2.Filter overrides You can now override which filters apply to a given action method or controller by specifying an override filter.

  1. Attribute routing

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