awk String manipulation functions


  • index(big, little)
  • length or length()
  • length(string)
  • match(string, regex)
  • split(string, array, separator)
  • split(string, array)
  • sprintf(format, ...)
  • sub(regex, subst, string)
  • sub(regex, subst)
  • gsub(regex, subst)
  • gsub(regex, subst, string)
  • substr(string, start, end)
  • substr(string, start)
  • tolower(string)
  • toupper(string)


bigThe string which is scanned for "little".
endThe index at which to end the sub-string.
formatA printf format string.
littleThe string to scan for in "big".
regexAn Extended-Regular-Expression.
startThe index at which to start the sub-string.
stringA string.
substThe string to substitute in for the matched portion.