aws-lambda alexa-skills-kit Create Alexa Skills Kit Using Blueprint


Log in to the AWS Management Console and navigate to AWS Lambda.

Click create new function then you will see this window.

enter image description here

Select Runtime environment but blueprint (sample code) only for node.js and python

enter image description here

There are two example conation for alexa skills kit. You can filter those thing.

enter image description here

By selection one of these blue print. You can view Configure triggers window you can next it by filling required field.

In Configure function window you can add name for your lambda function and have to add role for function execution.

enter image description here

Now you can create function.

After the creation you can test your function. Click action button

In here select Configure test event enter image description here

In ths window select alexa event template. Template name is depend on you selected blueprint

After selection this template you can test your code sample.