azure-active-directory Getting started with azure-active-directory Customize the Azure AD B2C user interface


The Azure AD B2C login screen can be customized to suit our branding. Refer Customizing the UI


In this sample we have two customized UI screens,

  • AD B2C Sign in ansd Sign up page: adCustomPages/unified.html
  • AD B2C Password reset page: adCustomPages/resetpassword.html

In adCustomPages/unified.html, at line 442 and 445, enter your tenantName, password-reset-policy and clientId

The pages should be uploaded in a blob and their url should be referred in the Azure AD B2C policies.

  • Create a storage account as mentioned in Upload the sample content to Azure Blob Storage
  • Upload the sample AD Pages in the container and note down their url.
  • For the created Blob service Storage account create a CORS rule with '*' as ALLOWED ORIGINS. Select all in ALLOWED METHODS. Enter * for ALLOWED HEADERS and EXPOSED HEADERS as well.
  • Customize your policy

Now in your application you can see the customized UI.