Bosun Notifications: Chat Systems HipChat


Bosun notifications are assigned to alert definitions using warnNotification and critNotification and indicate where to send the rendered alert template when a new incident occur. The ${env.VARIABLENAME} syntax can be used to load values from an Environmental Variable.

In order to post alerts to HipChat, start by creating an Integration named "Bosun". The Integration will provide the URL necessary to post messages (including the token) as seen here:

HipChat screenshot

All that's left is to setup the template and notification:

#Example template
template hipchat.bandwidth {
    subject = `{"color":{{if lt (.Eval .Alert.Vars.dlspeed) (.Eval .Alert.Vars.dlcritval) }}"red"{{else}} {{if lt (.Eval .Alert.Vars.dlspeed) (.Eval .Alert.Vars.dlwarnval) }}"yellow"{{else}}"green"{{end}}{{end}},"message":"Server: {{}}<br/>Metric: {{.Alert.Name}}<br/><br/>DL speed: {{.Eval .Alert.Vars.dlspeed | printf "%.2f" }}<br/>DL Warning threshold: {{.Alert.Vars.dlwarnval}}<br/>DL Critical threshold: {{.Alert.Vars.dlcritval}}<br/><br/>Notes: {{.Alert.Vars.notes}}<br/><br/>RunBook: <a href={{.Alert.Vars.runbook}} >wiki article</a>","notify":false,"message_format":"html"}`

#Example notification
notification hipchat {
    #Create an Integration in HipChat to generate the POST URL
    #Example URL:  https://<YOURHIPCHATSERVER_FQDN>/v2/room/<ROOM_NUMBER>/<TOKEN>
    post = ${env.HIPCHAT_ROOM_ABC} 
    body = {{.}}
    contentType = application/json