Bosun Setup with sample scollector.toml file


Scollector binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available from the Bosun release page and can be saved to /opt/scollector/ or C:\Program Files\scollector\. The Scollector configuration file uses TOML v0.2.0 to specify various settings and defaults to being named scollector.toml in the same folder as the binary. The configuration file is optional and only required if you need to override a default value or include settings to activate a specific collector.

#Where to send metrics. If omitted the default is bosun:80. 
#Config file setting can also be overridden using -h bosunhostname on command line 
Host = ""

#Optional folder where to find external collector scripts/binaries
ColDir  = 'C:\Program Files\scollector\collectors'

#Number of data points to include in each batch. Default is 500, should be set higher if you are sending a lot of metrics.
BatchSize = 5000

You can then either install Scollector as a service or just run it manually via:

#Override default configuration file location
scollector -conf /path/to/myconfig.toml

#List all built-in collectors
scollector -l

#-p will print metrics to the screen instead of sending to Bosun. 
#-f "..." will only run specific collectors. Add DisableSelf = true to toml file to exclude scollector.* self metrics
scollector -p -f "c_cpu_windows,c_network_"