caffe Basic Caffe Objects - Solver, Net, Layer and Blob

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A caffe user sends instructions to perform specific operations to caffe objects. These objects interact with each other based on their design specifications and carry out the operation(s). This is a basic principle OOP paradigm.

While there are many caffe object types (or C++ classes), for a beginning basic understanding we focus upon 4 important caffe objects. Our objective at this stage is to simply observe the interaction between these objects on a highly abstracted level where specific implementation and design details are hazed out, and instead a bird's eye view of operation is focussed upon.

The 4 basic caffe objects are :

  • Solver
  • Net
  • Layer
  • Blob

A very basic introduction and a bird's eye view of their role in the working of caffe is presented in concise points in the examples section.

After reading and getting a basic idea of how these caffe objects interact, each object type can be read about in detail in their dedicated topics.

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