cakephp-3.0 Getting started with cakephp-3.0 Installation Cakephp 3.X



  • PHP 5.6.0 or greater mbstring PHP extension (default works in WAMP/XAMPP, if not then enable it)
  • intl PHP extension (Available in WAMP/XAMPP, you have to enable it
    from php.ini)
  • CakePHP will run on a variety of web servers such as nginx,
  • LightHTTPD, or Microsoft IIS.

Before starting you should make sure that your PHP version is up to date:

php -v

Use Composer to install Cakephp 3 Framework,

Composer is officially supported method for Installation, so download composer at, Composer (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Run this to Install cakephp,

php composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app my_app_name

Once Composer finishes downloading the application skeleton and the core CakePHP library, you should have a functioning CakePHP application installed via Composer. Be sure to keep the composer.json and composer.lock files with the rest of your source code.

Or follow this easyest way to install cakephp

Follow the bellow steps,

  1. go to this Git Repository
  2. Download the cakeDC/oven for easy installation
  3. Extract the zip file inside the LOCALHOST
  4. Give 777 permission to that folder
  5. Run file oven.php (available inside the folder)
  6. A page will open with lot of option, choose option as per your preference
  7. Click on the image and sit back. Your project will be installed in couple of minutes


bin/cake server

By default, without any arguments provided, this will serve your application at http://localhost:8765/.

fire this at your browser, or http://localhost:8765/. At this point, you’ll be presented with CakePHP’s default home, and a message that tells you the status of your current database connection and you are ready for your first application.

For more details on Installation and Setup follow, Cakephp 3.X Installation