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Castle Windsor is a mature Inversion of Control container available for .NET and Silverlight.

  • The current release version is 3.3.0, released in May 2014. Refer to the links on the right to download it from GitHub or NuGet.
  • Castle Core version 4.0.0 beta was released in July 2016.

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Hello World - Castle Windsor

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        //Initialize a new container
        WindsorContainer container = new WindsorContainer();

        //Register IService with a specific implementation and supply its dependencies
                                    .DependsOn(Dependency.OnValue("dependency", "I am Castle Windsor")));

        //Request the IService from the container
        var service = container.Resolve<IService>();
        //Will print to console: "Hello World! I am Castle Windsor


public interface IService
    void Foo();

public class SomeService : IService
    public SomeService(string dependency)
        _dependency = dependency;

    public void Foo()
        Console.WriteLine($"Hello World! {_dependency}");

    private string _dependency;


Castle Windsor is available via NuGet

  1. Use the "Manage NuGet Packages" and search for "castle windsor"

  2. Use Package Manager Console to execute:

    Install-Package Castle.Windsor

Now you can use it to handle dependencies in your project.

var container = new WindsorContainer(); // create instance of the container
container.Register(Component.For<IService>().ImplementedBy<Service>()); // register depndency
var service = container.Resolve<IService>(); // resolve with Resolve method

See official documentation for more details.

Castle.Windsor package depends on Castle.Core package and it will install it too