chef Getting started with chef

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Contributing to the Documentation

We request that the Chef community not use this StackOverflow documentation feature. Docs managed via wiki (or community editing in general) tend to rot very quickly and are of poor quality. We've all experienced the sense of dread when searching for an answer on Google and getting back a half-unreadable wiki page from two years ago.

The Chef documentation is managed in GitHub in the chef-web-docs project. If you find something incorrect or unclear, you can open a GitHub Issue on that project. You can also send Pull Requests with your own changes if you prefer. The Chef tech writer team will generally get back to you in a few hours.

Learning Chef

If you're just getting started with Chef, we recommend starting off with our Learn Chef tutorial at

If you have questions during or after that, check out or discussion forum/mailing list at or our public Slack team at

Welcome to the Chef community!

The Chef Documentation

You can find the Chef documentation at

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