clojure Setting up your development environment Vim


Install the following plugins using your favourite plugin manager:

  1. fireplace.vim: Clojure REPL support
  2. vim-sexp: For taming those hugs around your function calls
  3. vim-sexp-mappings-for-regular-people: Modified sexp mappings that are a little easier to bear
  4. vim-surround: Easily delete, change, add "surroundings" in pair
  5. salve.vim: Static Vim support for Leiningen and Boot.
  6. rainbow_parentheses.vim: Better Rainbow Parentheses

and also relate to syntax highlighting, omni completion, advanced highlighting and so on:

  1. vim-clojure-static (if you have a vim older than 7.3.803, newer versions ship with this)
  2. vim-clojure-highlight

Other options in place of vim-sexp include paredit.vim and vim-parinfer.