clojurescript Getting started with clojurescript

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ClojureScript is a version of Clojure that compiles to javascript code and runs in the browser.

While it is mostly the same as Clojure, there are a few differences (mainly, it lacks some api calls that invoke java functions that are not available in javascript)

Installation or Setup


Note: If you're going to use Leiningen, you first need to download and install JDK 6 or newer.

The easiest way to get started with Clojure is to download and install Leiningen, the de facto standard tool to manage Clojure projects.


curl > ~/bin/lein
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin
chmod 755 ~/bin/lein


Follow Linux steps above or

Install with [Homebrew]:

brew install leiningen



Connecting to a REPL

Once you have lein installed, execute

lein repl

Start a new ClojureScript Project

lein new mies myproject
cd myproject

Now open index.html in a Web Browser.

Press F12

Look at the Console, and observe the following:

Hello world!


  • David Nolen's extraordinary work on ClojureScript.

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