cmake Custom Build-Steps


Custom build steps are useful to run custom targets in your project build or for easily copying files so you don't have to do it manually (maybe dlls?). Here I'll show you two examples, the first is for copying dlls (in particular Qt5 dlls) to your projects binary directory (either Debug or Release) and the second is for running a custom target (Doxygen in this case) in your solution (if you're using Visual Studio).


As you can see, you can do a lot with custom build targets and steps in cmake, but you should be careful in using them, especially when copying dlls. While it is convinient to do so, it can at times result in what is affectionately called "dll hell".

Basically this means you can get lost in which dlls your executable actually depends on, which ones its loading, and which ones it needs to run (maybe because of your computer's path variable).

Other than the above caveat, feel free to make custom targets do whatever you want! They're powerful and flexible and are an invaluable tool to any cmake project.